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10 Fundraising Ideas

Written by Sarah Ali, Mt. Hood Region Vice President

Are you looking for fundraising tips for your chapter? Check out this list below!

  1. Host an FBLA week at your chapter where you sell food every day of the school week.
  2. Host an FBLA sponsored dance and sell tickets to students
  3. Coordinate with local restaurants for a fundraising night
  4. At your school's homecoming game, run a booth where you can sell FBLA merchandise
  5. Expand your connections with local business that can support your chapter
  6. Work at your school's concession stand
  7. Host a scavenger hunt with a fee to play
  8. Sell cookies or other goods to your neighbors and friends
  9. Host a talent show
  10. Start a sponsor program where members write letters about their success in FBLA and send them to family and friends to help them pay for state and nationals