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2012 Oregon FBLA State Officer August Meeting!

The month of preparation; preparations for the beginning of a new school year.  Throughout the month, families, teachers, and schools prepare for the upcoming year by doing many various activities that range from buying new notebooks, to taking senior pictures, to purchasing clothes.  The 2012-2013 Oregon FBLA State Officer team is no different. During August 9th, 10th, and 11th the team was hard at work planning and preparing for the year ahead at their August Meeting held in Portland.

Being the last time the team would be together in person before the school year started, there were multiple points to cover. Preparing workshops for the Chapter Leadership Tour, in the beginning of October was one of the first things on the list. After seeing all of the enthusiasm and hard work the team had put into their workshops, it is clear that every student attending is in for a treat! With that in mind, mark your calendar for the stop nearest you! The tour will be held in Baker High School, Grants Pass High School, and a Portland area school.  The day will be fun-filled, educating, and exciting!

The officers also got to spend a little time with some of their other fellow Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). FBLA, DECA and other CTSOs will be hosting the Oregon Leadership Institute this fall! The officer teams representing each organization got to spend time learning about the other groups. In addition to mingling, they also participated in some stimulating leadership activities to break the ice!

The FBLA Officer Team also spent time filming three creative and innovative videos promoting upcoming events! The first video filmed will welcome all of the chapters, and members, throughout the state back for the year. The other two were promotional videos for the Chapter Leadership Tour, and the Oregon Leadership Institute. They are sure to grab the attention of members everywhere! So, be on the lookout, because they are coming to a school projector near you!

The 2012-2013 Oregon FBLA State Officer Team is very excited to start this upcoming year off with much enthusiasm and dedication! They have many great ideas and activities in store for the year to come! After a successful August Meeting the team is ready to head back to school and spread some leadership!