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Ellie Graham


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Ellie Graham

Ellie Graham is a senior at Centennial High School. She currently serves on the 2015-2016 State Officer team as the State President.

Ellie has spent the last three years working hard in her chapter. Serving as chapter president as a sophomore, she was excited to begin looking for ways to further her leadership skills. As a freshman, Ellie Graham had the honor of placing first in Business Plan along with her two partners. At the 2014 Oregon State Business Leadership Conference, she placed in two events, taking first in FBLA Principles and Procedures and second in her school’s American Enterprise Project, which she chaired and was elected as Mt. Hood Region Vice President. At the 2015 SBLC, Ellie took first in Community Service Project and Word Processing. She was also awarded all four levels of the Business Achievement Awards for the second time in a row.

She’s lived in Portland, Oregon, her entire life and has attended the Centennial Schools since the first grade. In her free time, Ellie enjoys watching live music and taking her dogs for walks in her neighborhood. Ellie appreciates all the support from her parents, grandparents, adviser, and the rest of her family!

If you would like to contact Ellie, she can be reached at [email protected].

Grace Ramstad

Executive Vice President

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Grace Ramstad

Grace grew up on the base of Mt. Hood in Welches, Oregon, with her parents and twin brother. She grew up skiing, traveling, and playing soccer. After moving to Gresham, Grace transferred to Centennial High School, where she is currently a senior. Grace is excited to serve as the 2015-2016 Executive Vice President of Oregon FBLA.

Grace joined FBLA as a sophomore after transferring to Centennial, and has spent the last two years becoming actively involved at the local, state, and national level. In her first year, Grace’s Business Plan team made it all the way to the 2014 National Leadership Conference and placed second. The following year, Grace led at the local and national level as chapter president and member of the Western Region Executive Board. Serving in these positions showed Grace how much she enjoys serving FBLA members and motivated her to run for Executive Vice President at the 2015 SBLC. At the 2015 SBLC Grace placed first in both Future Business Leader and with her partner in Business Plan. Over these two years Grace has also completed all four levels of the Business Achievement Awards.

In her free time, Grace enjoys reading, watching far too much Netflix, and planning for the future, in which she hopes to attend a university to pursue her interests in business and technology.

If you would like to contact Grace, she can be reached at [email protected].

Clay Johnson

Blue Mountain Region Vice President

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Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson is a member of Grant Union High School in John Day, Oregon, and will graduate in 2017. He has been a member of FBLA since 2013. At the 2015 State Leadership Conference he was elected Blue Mountain Regional Vice President. Besides running for a Regional VP position, Clay has competed in FBLA events and placed 4th and 9th in Networking Concepts at SBLC 2014 and 2015 respectively. He also won 1st in Management Decision Making (SBLC 2014) and 1st in Entrepreneurship (SBLC 2015). Clay with his team attended the 2014 NLC in Nashville and competed in Management Decision Making. The Team did not make the final round but had a lot of fun.

After high school, Clay plans to attend Oregon State University where he will earn degrees in surveying and business. After college, he plans to return to John Day where he will begin working for the US Forest Service, BLM, or a private surveying company. Clay owns his own business selling purebred border collies. He started his business in 2007 and it is his way of earning money to complete college debt-free.

FBLA has helped Clay learn about the way things work in the world of business. It has broadened his perspectives of business procedures and ethics. FBLA has also challenged Clay to step outside of his comfort zone in public speaking.

Gage Yeager

Cascade Region Vice President

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Gage Yeager

Gage Yeager is your 2015-2016 Oregon FBLA Cascade Region Vice President. He attends La Pine High School and will be a senior in the fall. He has been an active member of Oregon FBLA since his freshman year, but he attended his first NLC when he was 8 years old in Chicago, Illinois, when his mom was an adviser. He has qualified for the NLC every year since he joined FBLA, taking 2nd in Introduction to Business, 8th in Business Ethics at the 2013 SBLC, 3rd in Emerging Business Issues at the 2014 SBLC, and 2nd in Emerging Business Issues at the 2015 SBLC.

Under his leadership as chapter president of the La Pine High School chapter, they won the Chapter of the Year award in the 3A Division, as well as coordinating fundraising efforts for the March of dimes.

Gage plans on attending Oregon State University and work towards a Masters degree in civil engineering. He plans to manage his own engineering firm, building and helping small towns throughout Oregon, as well as the Pacific Northwest.

If he could give just a few reasons for a prospective member to join FBLA, he would say, “The public speaking skills gained and networking opportunities are huge on their own, but the additional resources and programs offered by FBLA are a great benefit and are excellent for newer members to get involved and see what FBLA is all about!”

Ashton Farris

Mt. Hood Region Vice President

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Ashton Farris

Ashton Farris is a senior at Centennial High School and is serving as the Mt. Hood Region Vice President for the 2015-2016 state officer team. This is his first year in FBLA, and he is excited to have the amazing opportunity to represent and serve members in the state of Oregon.

Along with the other members of his chapter, Ashton has contributed to several nonprofit organizations through volunteering. In addition, he helped with the development of the nonprofit organization, Food for Families. During the 2015 Regional Skills conference, he placed second in Business Procedures and third in Business Communication, as well as earning his Future and Business level Business Achievement Awards. At the State Leadership Conference in 2015, his team placed first for Public Service Announcement.

After graduation Ashton plans to attend an Oregon university and pursue a career in the medical field.

Ha'aheo Ordonez

Rogue Umpqua Region Vice President

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Ha'aheo Ordonez

Ha’aheo Ordonez is a junior at North Valley High School and is excited and blessed with the opportunity to serve as the 2015-2016 Rogue Umpqua Region Vice President for her senior year. She has lived in Grants Pass, Oregon, since the age of 11; but was born and grew up in the state of Hawaii.

This is her second year in FBLA. At the 2015 SBLC, she qualified for NLC in one of her three competitive events, Public Speaking II, and she placed 6th in her Community Service Project event. Besides being an active member in FBLA, Ha’aheo also participates in National Honor Society, Mathletes, and the Josephine County Foundation, where she participates in local community service activities to help people in her community gain the opportunities and confidence they need. She has a passion for helping other people and encouraging others. She enjoys presenting and giving speeches, because it boosts her confidence. She has served as her FBLA chapter’s vice president, and the North Valley Honor Society secretary.

In her free time Ha’aheo enjoys spending time with her friends and family, camping, weight lifting, hiking, hunting, fishing, and doing art.

After high school, Ha’aheo plans on attending Oregon Institute of Technology or Oregon State University to study clinical laboratory science and nuclear medicine. FBLA has shown her how to be confident, stay motivated and help other people, and she in turn hopes for other members to gain the same confidence, motivation, and helpfulness towards people that she has.

Camy Sibley

Willamette Valley Region Vice President

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Camy Sibley

Camy Sibley, a 2016 senior from Stayton High School, is Oregon FBLA's enthusiastic new Willamette Valley Region VP. She heard about FBLA at her school's freshmen open house and signed up without hesitation!

Since joining, Camy has won awards for National Business Honor Roll multiple times and has placed 8th in the performance event Entrepreneurship (2014), as well as 9th (2013) and 3rd (2014) at the State Business Leadership Conference in the competitive event Business Math, which qualified her for the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in the summer of 2014.

Camy hopes to attend Oregon State University in the fall of 2016 to start her path towards attaining a bachelor's degree in either finance or marketing. She has yet to determine exactly which career path to pursue but will do everything she can to be ready for any opportunity that becomes available to her. In order to become a well-rounded person she has become involved in multiple school sports teams, the school newspaper, Community 101, National Honor Society, Associated Student Body, as well as advanced courses in math, science, social studies, and English. In addition, she has taken leadership trainings through Young Entrepreneurs Business Week, Oregon Leadership Institute, State Business Leadership Conference, Institute for Leaders at NLC, and the Ford Institute Leadership Program for Community Building.

Camy says that the greatest benefit of FBLA for her is that "It is the messenger which informs me of all of these amazing opportunities, and allows me to become more deeply involved within it and within my community than I possibly could with any other organization."

Koby Hansen

Vice President of Media

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Koby Hansen

Koby Hansen, a senior from Baker High School, is serving as the Oregon FBLA Vice President of Media for the 2015-2016 year. Koby has been a member of FBLA for three years, serving once as Chapter Media Specialist and as the 2014-2015 Chapter President. In these three years, Koby has competed and placed in Desktop Publishing, Business Math, and Business Law.

When not doing FBLA-related events, Koby likes to read classic literature, works at the local movie theater, and acts in local theater productions.

After he graduates from high school, Koby plans to attend Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to get his Master’s degree n Archaeology and one day travel the world to study ancient cultures.

Koby has learned much about himself and being a leader with FBLA. He is extremely excited to learn and grow as an Oregon State FBLA Officer.