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5 Tips & Tricks to a Totally Tubular Campaign


by Melody Lindorf, State President – [email protected]

Running for State Office is one of the best decisions that an Oregon FBLA member can make. By being a State Officer you are given the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, learn new things about your organization, and more! The first step to being a part of the “groovy” experience called being a state officer is to run a campaign. Luckily your state officers have comprised a list of “radical” campaigning tips!

1.         Have a “gnarly” campaign theme! One of the most engaging parts of a campaign booth is to have an attractive theme (example, road construction, Dr. Seuss, etc.).

2.         Have some “righteous” handouts. Use handouts to portray your information to members in a fun way they will remember.

3.         “Take A Chill Pill.” Throughout your campaign process, remember to be yourself and remain calm. Members are excited to learn about the real you, and they will be even more encouraged to vote for you if you make an effort to socialize with them.

4.         “Like Have a Totally Like Awesome Like Campaign Speech.” Many members are encouraged to visit you in your campaign booth but most of their decision will be made on your campaign speech. This is your opportunity to share your goals as well as your personality with your future members. Remember to practice beforehand!

5.         When answering impromptu questions, make sure to say the first thing that comes to your mind. “Psych!” Have your chapter or friends ask you questions before you attend the impromptu question session. Also, take a moment and think through your response before you say it to voting members!

These tips will help you have the best campaign possible! If you have any questions about running for State Office, “dude,” contact us!