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7 Ways to Excel in Your Competitive Events

1. Confidence

One of the most powerful things you can bring to the table in any competitive event is your confidence. Confidence lets the judges know that you are proud of your project and are ready to present. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel confident presenting the first few times, confidence comes with practice. Just remember, you get what you give when it comes to your project, so make sure to give it your all and confidence will come naturally!

2. Practice! Practice! Practice!

One way to make sure you do your best in a competitive event is if you practice as much as you can! Practice until you think you have practiced enough, then practice more. Practice so much that you are reciting your speech every morning in the shower. Making time for this much practice is very beneficial in the long run, especially while presenting. Once you have practiced enough, there will be no awkward pauses or transitions in your speech, and you will be able to answer questions easily because you will know your project inside out.

3. Dress your Best

Make sure to follow the FBLA policy and dress appropriately. Although professional dress is a small part of the grading rubric, it could be the deciding factor between first and second place. Being dressed more professionally also allows for more comfort, so you focus more on your project rather than appearance. Feeling comfortable in your business attire is also very important in maintaining your confidence during a presentation. Remember, if you’re in a group project, to match outfits with your fellow teammates, because it gives you a more uniform and unique look.

4. Practice Setting up

During each competitive event, teams are given a limited time to set up. If you practice setting up beforehand, you are more likely to avoid technological and time management issues. However, if a problem does occur with the technology, you would be able to quickly assess and fix the problem within the time limit.

5. Research your Topic

Have an understanding of the competitive event topic outside of your project. For instance, if you are in the event business financial plan, make sure you understand what certain financial terms mean, such as deficit or subsidy. Knowing more about the topic overall would help in answering questions after presenting.

6. Think Before You Speak

While answering questions, it is very important to think before you speak. Formulate your answer before speaking, so you avoid awkwardly pausing or tripping over your words. It is better to take more time and have a well thought out and detailed answer than to speak incoherently.

7. Fake it Until You Make it

It is common not to feel confident or overly anxious while presenting. If you are having trouble keeping your stress under control, just “fake it until you make it.” What that means is appear confident to others, and you will start to feel less anxious. However, if that does not work for you, try the Superman pose. The Superman pose is when you pose in the iconic Superman posture with your hands on your hips and your chest out. This pose has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress levels and raise confidence.

Have fun with your competitive events! Good luck at SBLC!