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A New Year and a New Idea from Your FBLA National President!

Greetings Oregon FBLA members and advisers:

This new year we are igniting innovation at FBLA-PBL with our newly developed online forum: The Innovation Center! With a quarter million of the nation's most creative students and advisers, FBLA-PBL has unveiled our new initiative aimed at securing ideas about how to strengthen our association. Through the Innovation Center on FBLA-PBL’s website, our members, advisers, and other stakeholders can have a direct influence on shaping the future of America’s largest and oldest student business organization.

The concept of our Innovation Center is simple. Anyone can create an account, log in, and share their ideas to strengthen FBLA. After users share their ideas, they can be discussed with others who utilize the forum. Members can vote an idea “up” or “down” and the ideas with the most votes bubble to the top of the site for review. I encourage you to visit http://ideas.fbla-pbl.org and submit your ideas—we look forward to seeing them!

Whether it be regarding competitive events, conferences, or general operations your ideas are always welcome. As always, if you have any questions regarding the Innovation Center or any other question please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Happy New Year - I look forward to seeing your ideas on the Innovation Center and your emails in the weeks and months to come.


Taylor Sarman

FBLA National President