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American Enterprise Day

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different brands of toothpaste in the supermarket? Or really, why there’s different companies all creating similar products. The reason for this is Free Enterprise. I know what you’re thinking: what is Free Enterprise? Why do we have a day dedicated to celebrating it?

Free Enterprise, or the free market, is the legal system we have in the US in which commercial activities are primarily regulated through private measures. This means that individual, private businesses control their own affairs rather than by political means. What this means is that any entrepreneur can launch their own business, and any business can make their products and compete for success with other companies doing the same thing. This is the reason for all those different brands; every company has an equal chance of success, it’s just up to the consumer!

So why do we in FBLA dedicate an entire day to Free Enterprise? Because it’s an incredible opportunity that everyone has! There’s no restrictions stopping you from launching your idea and becoming the next Steve Jobs.

You and your chapter can celebrate American Enterprise Day on November 15 by dressing up in business attire, or even inviting a businessperson to come and speak during a meeting. Happy Enterprising!