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Future Business Leaders of America: we all know those words because they encompass everything our organization is about. However, these words have an even deeper meaning: they symbolize what we do for our communities, our careers, and ourselves. The thing most students aren’t aware of is that these words carry our organization to the next level with the Business Achievement Awards!

The Business Achievement Awards (BAAs) are an arrangement of projects passed down to states by the national FBLA-PBL organization, and they are one of the highest honors a student can obtain in FBLA! These awards are split into four levels: the Future, Business, Leader, and America levels. To obtain the BAAs, students are given projects to complete in the areas of service, education, and progress. These projects have been created with the intent of making the students who complete them better-rounded individuals.


Future. When a student completes the Future Award, they are given a lapel pin at their local chapter awards night. Students receiving the Future Award have completed a program introducing them to community service, teaching basic business skills, and local level FBLA involvement. To introduce students to community service, they are required to donate 5 hours of community service to an educational or service organization.

Business. Once the student has completed their Future Award, they take the leap into intermediate business skills, community leadership, and regional level FBLA involvement with the Business Award. To complete this award, students are required to turn in a resume, cover letter, and job application for their dream job. This award is presented at the Regional Skills Conference, to give students recognition for their hard work!

Leader. After obtaining Business Award, students are given the opportunity to complete the Leader Award, which is awarded at the State Business Leadership Conference. The awards continually get more complicated, and by the leader award, FBLA members are required to run for an FBLA office be it a local, state, or national position. The Leader Award focuses on state level FBLA involvement, community leadership, and advanced business skills.

America. The final and most prestigious award of the four is the America Award. This award is given out at the National Leadership Conference to the most elite of FLBA members. To make it as respected as it is, one of the required projects is to complete the International Recruitment Project. To obtain this award, a student must become an expert in their business skills; focus on holistic FBLA involvement, and work to be a leader in their community.

The projects that are required of students working to be awarded are all created with the idea that students will learn how to reflect upon their experiences, give back to their communities, and learn more about the business world.

Start today! For a new member interested in FBLA, the BAAs are a fantastic way to get a head start in your learning experience, get awarded for your efforts, and gain high marks for your chapter on the Chapter of the Year Award! To get started, contact your adviser for login information, and if you need help your state officer team is ready to run to the rescue!