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Back to School

Written by Josie Notter, Oregon FBLA Executive Vice President

School is just around the corner. Filled with last minute shoppers and Autumn preparation, there is a hustle and a bustle in town. Just like your teachers prepare lesson plans for the year ahead, it is important for FBLA Chapters to plan events as school begins.

The options for preparation are numerous, but there are a few things that will help your chapter elevate its future this fall. Chapter Officer meetings are where the preparation begins. Plan a meeting with your adviser and find new opportunities for your chapter this year!

Below are a few suggestion for your chapter’s 2017-2018 Program of Work. This year, Oregon FBLA will promoting our new Membership Campaign, our Super Service Campaign, and our annual programs that align with the goals of FBLA-PBL.

Membership Outreach

Increasing membership is very important to Oregon FBLA because our goal is to create even more opportunities for students interested in business and leadership.

One option for your chapter is to plan member outreach at freshman orientation. This year, we have crafted an exciting Membership Campaign to help each chapter “Elevate Their Membership”. By targeting freshman, you can connect with incoming students with a desire to “Elevate Their Future”.

This year we are also increasing our Middle Level Outreach initiatives. If you are a high school with local middle schools, take this opportunity and start a new FBLA Middle Level chapter! By  reaching out to these schools, we can increase our access to middle level students. If you are interested in starting a new chapter, contact our State Adviser, Carla Boulton, and click here for more information about starting a ML-FBLA Chapter.

Service Opportunities

Another window of opportunity is to provide your chapter with as many service opportunities as possible. By increasing our service-mindedness and actively working to improve our community, we can help develop the character of our members and begin to make an impact on the world we live in. This year, your State Officer Team has crafted a new service competition called the Super Service Awards.

In order for your chapter to win this award, they must complete three tasks:

  1. Promote the mission of the March of Dimes - FBLA’s service partner, and fundraise for its cause
  2. Promote the concept of Pay It Forward and the inevitable ripple effect of service
  3. Fundraise for Valiant Seed, a nonprofit organization founded in Oregon to support of our beloved veterans

Options for supporting these causes can range from planning and hosting a March for Babies or a Pay It Forward Week, to hosting an event in support of Valiant Seed. The service opportunities are endless!

FBLA-PBL Awards & Competition

There are dozens of events for individual students, as well as entire chapters, to compete and participate in this year. Below are a few options for you and your chapter:

  1. The Chapter Challenge
    The beginning of the Chapter Challenge starts with Super Sweeps. This event is fun and exciting, so get started and blow the competition away. For additional information about this challenge, click here.
  2. The CSAs
    The Community Service Awards are perfect resource for students because it allows us to log our community service hours on the FBLA-PBL Website. Through this program, students can keep track of their service activity throughout their high school career and create a great online portfolio for college and career applications.
  3. The Business Achievement Awards
    Oregon FBLA placed 3rd in the the “BAA Top Ten Fight To the Finish” this year. The Business Achievement Awards are a great program because they create a perfect outline for what students should be focusing on throughout each year in FBLA.
  4. The Gold Seal Award
    This award recognizes outstanding local chapters with high participation in projects and programs that go hand in hand with the goals of FBLA-PBL. This is similar to our new State Program called Champion Chapters. By participating in both, your chapter will complete Program of Work, visit businesses, have guest speakers for your chapter, and more.  

For more ideas, check out the FBLA-PBL Calendar of Events here. Thank you for everything you are planning for your chapter this year!