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Ellie & Kyle Evans, lead singer of Breathe Carolina, at a show.

by Ellie Graham - Mount Hood Region Vice President - [email protected]

As someone who has been to over 50 concerts and seen over 200 bands live, I tend to hold music close to my heart. But how does my passion, and so many other's, translate into a career? I have spent the last couple of years thinking about this. How can I tie my love for business and music together into one awesome career and exactly how is FBLA preparing me for my future?

I have looked at all different angles, from managing bands and tours, marketing a musician and their latest album, to even handling their social media. Personally, the road I have chosen is to own a record label and studio. I want to be responsible for giving people the same feeling I have when I listen to a song.

Becoming my own boss and owning my own business is not an easy task but especially in today's world in the music industry, it has only become tougher. As more musicians begin to put their music out on their own, without the help of a record label, being successful is very difficult. This is why it's become so important that I am the best at what I do.

FBLA has given me more business skills than most other people even dream of having at the end of their high school career. This organization will help put me at the top and on the path to success. There may not be a competition directly involved with music, but I remember attending a workshop at NLC 2013 about working in the music industry. That's the point where I realized FBLA gives its members the opportunity to gain skills in almost any career field.

Also, after looking on TED, I found a great TED Talk about the music industry, and how the Internet has changed the music industry and affects musicians directly:  http://www.ted.com/talks/amanda_palmer_the_art_of_asking

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Side stage for Warped tour 2012.