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Business Spotlight: Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Portland

This year, several businesses will be sponsoring cash prizes for event winners at the Oregon FBLA State Business Leadership Conference.  To recognize their support, Oregon FBLA is thrilled to present a series of Business Spotlights highlighting the work of these businesses and groups.  Today's spotlight is on the Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Portland.

The Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) of the Greater Portland Area is sponsoring the Community Service Event at the State Business Leadership Conference. Katie Paullin is President of the CVC and was gracious enough to sit down with Blue Mountain Region Vice President Rachael Jones for an interview.

RJ: Please describe for our readers what your company does.

Katie Paullin: The Corporate Volunteer Council is a professional development group for individuals in a company relations/engagement capacity for their company. The council is passionately committed to helping its members (companies) respond to community needs through volunteerism.

RJ: What is your personal role in the council?

KP: My role on the CVC is President. The CVC has five executive positions, whose role is to oversee the CVC programming, ensure members' benefits are realized and increase overall CVC membership. My role at my employer, ODS Health, is Marketing Manager. Our corporate giving and employee volunteer programs report through the ODS Marketing department.

RJ: How does your business try to help the community?

KP:  The Corporate Volunteer Council is dedicated to helping its members respond to community needs through volunteers. This dedication is demonstrated by:

  • Serving as a resource for companies expanding or developing volunteer programs
  • Providing education, training, and networking support for volunteer programs managers
  • Collaborating with member organization on community activities that meet social needs
  • Promoting and recognizing volunteering within the business community

RJ: Why did you support Oregon FBLA Students?

KP: CVC would like to foster volunteerism in young people; everyone needs to have strong commitment to their communities. If the youth does not partake in volunteering then it will soon be lost The CVC and FBLA are both taking necessary measures to ensure the youth are volunteering.

Oregon FBLA would like to thanktThe Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Portland and Katie Paullin for sponsoring the Community Service Project event. Katie would like to wish everyone good luck in their competition!