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Business Spotlight: Tualatin Chamber of Commerce

As the Future Business Leaders of America, it's our responsibility to help our communities to the best of our abilities.  One of the key ways to do this is through partnerships and advocating for local businesses. This also happens to be what the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce does, one of our event sponsors for the 2012 State Business Leadership Conference.

This week, Oregon FBLA took a moment to interview Linda Molholt, CEO of the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce. She let us know that the Chamber works on economic development strategies to entice companies to want to move where workers will be educated. “We need to have high percentages of educated people, and FBLA helps educate our workforce and improve learning skills.” Molhot says.

When asked to break down what the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce does, Molhot outlined the four major tasks that the Chamber completes for the business community: Marketing, Promoting, Educating, and Advocating. In doing so, they fulfill the Chamber motto: Business and community working together.

Molhot would like to advise anyone starting out in the business world to utilize their own network of personal connections.  It may be hard to get a job at first, but contact everyone you know to see what connections they may have. Start with your parents' employers, and utilize your own network.  The best thing you can have is a personal reference from a highly regarded person in the community. Ms. Molhot also advises all students to be prepared to work: “Showing up on time, dressed appropriately and with a positive attitude will give you a great opportunity to get a job."

The Chamber is happy to sponsor Business Procedures at the 2012 SBLC, and would like to wish all competitors good luck in their event and to keep up the hard work!