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Chapter Recruitment

All FBLA members are aware of the fact that FBLA is a fantastic organization that creates countless opportunities for its members, but being a member means doing chapter recruitment.  Chapter recruitment is important so that you can help other students gain the same opportunities you have been fortunate enough to gain! This can be a very rewarding experience and it can also be a ton of fun! Chapter recruitment is all in how you do it! Make new friends, start new activities, and gain FBLA members that will become lifelong connections!

Chapter recruitment can be as simple as talking about activities or as in depth as giving students a taste of the hands on action they will become a part of as members of FBLA! This is all done with the intent to gain membership. There are multiple ways you could go about this.  A very successful way of accomplishing this is just telling people why you love FBLA so much. Why is it fun? Why do you participate in FBLA? These are some questions that you could ask yourself when talking to a potential member. You can also speak about the perks of free pizza at meetings and travel for conferences. When you do this, you are making FBLA connectible and showing potential FBLA members that the organization is more than just business. To make chapter recruitment even more fun or add a completive edge you can even add incentives: recruit five members and get a $5 gift card or recruit ten members and get a free lunch at a local restaurant!

Try to set up booths at sporting events, open houses, or speak at assemblies to make students aware of FBLA!  Use pictures from past conferences, or look at tools for recruitment on the Oregon FBLA website (oregonfbla.org). Utilize Energize Oregon, which is where chapters will put on social events such as ice cream socials or barbecues. This provides the chance to show potential members how fun FBLA is and get local chapter members excited in the process! The next Energize Oregon will be at the end of October right before Oregon Leadership Institute, which will be in Bend Oregon November 4, and 5. OLI will be a great way to meet members statewide!  Try these events right before a football game, and get new members excited! If you use these great ideas your chapter will thrive!