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CJ Severson: the Journey to National Treasurer

            CJ Severson is the 2012-2013 Oregon FBLA Executive Vice President and the National FBLA Treasurer. Although his journey to the top was not an easy one, he overcame many challenges to achieve his goals and has built a bridge that has the potential to become useful to every FBLA member in the nation. CJ’s journey makes him a role model to all FBLA members pursuing a dream and has helped him make a lasting mark on this organization.

            A member of Hidden Valley High School in Grants Pass, Oregon, CJ owes much of his success to the continued support of his FBLA chapter. CJ was elected as a State Officer as a freshman, and often stood out for being the youngest State Officer on the team, as well as one of the most energetic.

After serving as Rogue Umpqua Region Vice President in the 2010-11 school year, CJ ran for State President at that year’s State Business Leadership Conference.  When he didn’t win the position, he didn’t let that slow him down; instead, he went on to be the President of his chapter, and through that experience was given the confidence and the drive to pursue a National Office.

On December 1, 2011, CJ was participating in a community service project to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network when he experienced an accident that changed his life. While doing a back flip, he landed on his neck and sprained his C-5 vertebrae. The road ahead was guaranteed to be a tough one. During his initial stay in the hospital, he had many visitors, who even in those first days said he was nothing but uplifting and positive.

The road to recovery has been tough for CJ as he works to balance intense physical therapy sessions three times a week, a full course load at school, and FBLA duties. CJ has had major progress recovering, and he is still progressing more every day.

Only a couple of months after his accident, CJ decided to run for Executive Vice President of Oregon FBLA. In his campaign, he worked hard to prove to the members that he would be an incredible officer. After winning this position, he decided he wanted to go above and beyond to help the members of FBLA, so he made the choice to run for National Treasurer.

At the 2012 National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, CJ had the opportunity to campaign for National Treasurer. After a week of intense campaigning, CJ won his campaign to be the National Treasurer and is now serving on the National Officer team -something he has always wanted to do!

Today, it has been almost one year since his accident, and CJ is already making a speedy recovery. CJ has set a goal to be able to walk by December, and that is something that will be remarkable to see. CJ would like to thank all Oregon FBLA members, his community, and his family for supporting him on his journey to becoming the National Treasurer and on his road to recovery.