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Community Service: Lend a Helping Hand

          What does Community Service mean to you? Is it a huge project? Or is it as simple as picking up trash? Community service in FBLA means all of this. One of FBLA’s biggest projects as a nation is Service in Sync. Service in Sync is a day across the country when all of the members in FBLA volunteer their time to make a difference doing some type of community service. Last year members read to elementary school students. Being the first year FBLA had ever implemented the idea, it was a massive success!

          Have you ever participated in community service? Last year students at a school dedicated their time to teaching students in their local elementary school about the dangers of cyber bullying. This simple act of kindness to teach their local students made a huge impact on the way those young children are using their technology! People do not just do community service for hours to put on their resumes; they do it to make a difference in others’ lives and in their communities. This group of students achieved all aspects of success.

          CJ Severson, the Oregon FBLA Executive Vice President and the FBLA National Treasurer has amassed more than 800 hours of community service. At first that number may sound shocking!  However, when he explains how he got all of those hours, it becomes quite clear how he accomplished this goal; he cares. CJ achieved most of his hours by being involved in FBLA because he cares about the organization and wants to make a difference. After all, that is exactly what community service is all about: caring and wanting to make a difference.

          So many people are willing to give their time to others that need it, or to make a difference. Those that do not spend large amounts of time doing community service will still live a great life, but they will never get the incredibly fulfilling feeling of knowing that they changed someone’s life.

          Oregon FBLA’s challenge to you is to get involved in a community service project; it can be as simple as picking up trash after a game. All it takes is a start, after that people will start following and catch the feeling of “lending a helping hand.” You may not get to 800 hours right away, but the impact you make will be worth it!