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CTSOs: What are those?

DECA, FBLA, HOSA, FCCLA, FFA… and the list goes on! That’s a lot of acronyms. Each one has a special meaning to a specific group of students with a passion for different fields of study.


Taking Care of Business: FBLA is the premier organization for students interested in careers in business. Within the states that don’t have FBLA, there is an organization called the Business Professionals of America (BPA), which also focuses on business management. BPA’s logo uses colors to symbolize their goals:

  • Navy Blue- success achieved through leadership and professionalism
  • Tan- fields of opportunity in America
  • Red- friendship obtained through networking


Marketing the Future: DECA is an association of marketing students that was founded in 1946. Their main focus is to prepare students for a future career in marketing, finance, or hospitality management.


Family Comes First: The Future Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) have a slightly different focus. These leaders are preparing students for a future in the family and consumer sciences. They were founded in 1945 and hold a focus in character development, creative as well as critical thinking, practical knowledge, and career preparation.


Paging Future Health Professionals: HOSA is the only organization with a 100% focus in healthcare, and it was founded in 1976. The main goal of HOSA is to teach students to deliver compassionate, quality healthcare for future generations through knowledge and leadership lessons.


Shaping the Future: For the students who are feeling like they want to be teachers, the Future Educators Association (FEA) is the CTSO for you. They were founded in 1937, and they work to foster the development of future educators to make the future of the educational system the best it can be.


Practically Perfect: For the students looking into vocational training, SkillsUSA is the CTSO for them. Founded in 1965, this CTSO teaches practical work skills to help America build a skilled workforce.

For the Next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs: TSA students are interested in mathematics, engineering, technology, and science. This is the organization that focuses strongly on those subjects to form knowledge into real world applications.


Fueling the Future: Their largest area of focus is on agriculture. These CTSOs are training students with a passion for agricultural sciences by allowing them the opportunity to learn at different levels in their educational careers.

  • FFA (Future Farmers of America) has a widely spread membership growing in urban cities and has decided to change their name to incorporate those individuals. Founded in 1928, this organization prepares students to face the challenge of feeding a growing population.
  • National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization (PAS), was created to aid students in agricultural careers while in their postsecondary education.
  • The National Young Farmer Education Association (NYFEA) was created to help people transition from individual farmers into large corporations.


Each of these Career and Technical Student Organizations are different, just as every individual’s path to success is. All of the organizations achieve the same goal though, to create successful, empowered, student leaders. Prepare yourself, the future awaits you!