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December Meeting

The State Officers set out for Portland on December 13th to start the planning process for many key events and activities that are coming your way in 2013! The meeting lasted three days and was held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland. Oregon FBLA was not the only CTSO holding a meeting in the Executive Meeting Center, our friends from SkillsUSA, HOSA, and FCCLA were there as well. These four organizations on site had one common goal, to plan a successful 2013 for all of the dedicated members across the state.

Many topics were on the minds of the State Officers, but the two main topics were the upcoming Regional Skills Conferences (RSC), and the State Business Leadership Conference (SBLC). As in most organizations, regionals are considered the stepping-stone to the state conference, and the state conference is considered the stepping-stone to the National Leadership Conference (NLC).

Prior to arriving on site in Portland, the State Officer Team was asked to come prepared with their projects. The agenda was packed full of activities and assignments that the State Officer Team worked diligently to complete during the meeting.

The best part of the meeting for the State Officer Team was filming two promotional videos for the amazing members of Oregon FBLA. They started off with the holiday greeting video, which was designed to wish the members and advisers a joyful season! Next up was the code of conduct video for the State Business Leadership Conference. This is always one of the members and advisers favorite videos of the year. You can check out the Oregon FBLA promotional videos at www.youtube.com/oregonfbla.

In order to wrap up the December meeting, the State Officers exchanged secret Santa gifts and said their goodbyes. They were able to accomplish many things in the three days they were together. The State Officer Team wants you to get ready, and fasten your seatbelts because you're about to take a fantastic ride to make memories that will last a lifetime!