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Destination: Leadership

Carly - Destination Leadership HeaderAre ye a recruiting pro? Is yer chapter growing in size? Oregon FBLA wants to challenge ye and yer chapter to increase yer numbers with our new campaign, Destination: Leadership.

This quest comes in three ranks. Each is a wee bit harder, but the treasure more rewarding!

First Mate

  • Requirement: Maintain Membership from Year Before
  • Treasure: A “First Mate” Ribbon at SBLC

Quarter Master

  • Requirement: Increase Membership by 7.5%
  • Treasure: A “Quarter Master” Ribbon at SBLC


  • Requirement: Increase Membership by 15%
  • Treasure: “Captain” Ribbon AND Prime Seating at SBLC

Aye! There could be more surprises in store for those who gather more mateys! Keep recruiting to see what other treasures await!

So, invite yer friends and help yer chapter climb the ranks. Then, at SBLC we’ll see who has the most loot!