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To be successful in business, a person must be educated both formally and informally…FBLA Emblem Ceremony

FBLA’s Education programs reinforce academic studies through application of knowledge and skills essential for business.

Our education programs are robust systems for learning essential employability skills (soft skills) while providing practical experiences that accelerate college and career readiness and life success.

FBLA Education Programs

National Awards Program

The FBLA National Awards Program features more than 70 rigorous business competitions addressing 10 out of 16 Career Clusters™. Event formats include individual and team performance; knowledge demonstration and presentations scenarios; and, written reports and technology skills simulations. FBLA members begin their competitive event experience at the school level and advance to regional, state, and national competition.

Business Achievement Awards for High School Students

Designed for high school students, the FBLA Business Achievement Awards is a progressive individualized leadership and professional development program. Members participate in a series of education experiences linked to one or more of FBLA’s nine goals and organized according to FBLA’s three part motto of Service, Education, and Progress. The program rigor increases through four stages of recognition: Future, Business, Leader, and America levels.

National Business Honor Roll

The National Business Honor Roll program encourages students to

  • Achieve strong academics
  • Be active FBLA leaders
  • Establish college and career goals.

High 5 Program for Middle Level Students

Designed for middle level students, the High 5 program provides structured leadership projects in five core areas: FBLA, School, Community, Career and Business.

High 5 leadership activities are designed for students to explore business, engage with fellow students in structured activities, and learn leadership through:

  • Capstone project at the end of each major learning area.
  • Adviser classroom integration and recognition resources tools.
  • Utilization of technology and media tools in activities or to showcase completed projects
  • Participation in both individual and team-based projects
  • Completion of all 25 activities span a sequence of 20 critical skill areas for aspiring leaders
  • Celebration of progressive success throughout the program

FBLA Leadership Network

The FBLA Leadership Network features a series of short 2-5 minute online business and leadership lessons designed for Middle Level FBLA members.

Career and Membership Achievement [CMAP] Program for College Members

CMAP is a challenging individual career development program for college members. It’s a self-paced program ideal for a busy college schedule. Members engage in career, business, and leadership projects. The program builds skills, network, and experience to be successful in the world of work.

National Resource Center

The FBLA-PBL Resource Center features an online resource filled with tools to help advisers and members alike expand the FBLA experience at their school. It features documents, forms, leadership resources, business materials, social media networks, videos and presentations in a full range of FBLA mission areas.

To get involved or learn more about FBLA’s Service Programs visit “Chapter Resources” or contact the FBLA State Office.