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Elevate Your Membership

Written by Josie Notter, Executive Vice President

Future Business Leaders of America, it is time to elevate our membership!

With a year of success behind us and a new window of opportunity before us, it is time to take each chance to soar to the skies in active pursuit of our dreams. In Oregon FBLA, we are proud of our spirited membership, yet there are even more empowered individuals that have yet to experience our  organization. What better way to provide to opportunity for others than to increase the membership of your Oregon FBLA Chapter?

This year’s membership campaign will prove  exciting. If you are lucky, your chapter will be recognized as a CEO Chapter at SBLC! There are three levels for your chapter to complete. This is your chance to unlock the secret of membership elevation, for at the end of your journey lies a desired prize. It is time to get started! Only time will tell which chapters will have the superpower of membership elevation!

Level One: Intern

To have your chapter receive the Intern Level, you must maintain your chapter's membership from this previous year in FBLA. Each school year brings new bright-minded individuals. At orientation, be sure to get those freshmen interested in FBLA so they can have the chance to experience the journey that four years in FBLA can provide.

Level Two: Manager

To obtain the Manager Level, you  need to increase your chapter’s membership by 10% over the previous year. This task is much more difficult and will require the work of skillful entrepreneurs and visionary leaders. With meticulous planning and collaborative teamwork, your chapter members will find the wind to lift them off their feet.

Level Three: CEO

The final stage in your membership campaign flight is  tough, for you must increase your chapter's membership by 20% or more over the previous year to reach the CEO Level. This is the most sought after position in the business world. For those chapters exercising aggressive business leadership, innovation and creativity, this will be your chance to unlock the secret to membership elevation.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s elevate Oregon FBLA’s membership! After your efforts have shown, your chapter will have the chance to be recognized at SBLC with the title they have earned.