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Entering the Gateway: The Business Achievement Awards!

The Business Achievement Awards (BAAs) is designed to teach FBLA members some of the most valuable business skills possible. The program is divided into four sections; the Future, Business, Leader, and America Levels. Each level has many different assignments you have to complete and upload to the FBLA online server in order to gain credit. You are awarded a pin and certificate once each task is uploaded to the server and the level is complete. The tasks vary from basic FBLA involvement, all the way to full reports about the business world abroad. The BAA program is one of the best ways to increase your business knowledge while being an active member of FBLA.

The Future Level is the very first part of the BAA program. In this level you will have the opportunity to learn some basic business skills. There are assignments that focus on goal setting, community service, and FBLA involvement. The Future Level can lead you to taking your first step through the Gateway to Greatness while learning invaluable business skills.

Once you've completed the Future Level, you are ready to take your knowledge to the next level and learn even more business skills. The Business Level focuses on not only your involvement with your local chapter, but also you regional and state involvement. While completing the Business Level you will have the opportunity to learn intermediate business skills and important leadership roles in your community.

The Leader Level is where you can take your FBLA involvement even further with areas highlighting your personal involvement on the national level. While completing the Leader Level you will learn advanced business skills and have more opportunities to get involved in your community. Some of the activities include member recruitment and a business spotlight on a local community leader.

The America Level is the final step to completing the BAA program. This level focuses on your total involvement as an FBLA member. In this level you will have the opportunity to use all of the previous skills you learned while completing the other levels. Some of the activities include an international business report, reflecting on your previously set goals, resume writing and community service involvement. All of the students who complete this level will be recognized at the National Leadership Conference.

The BAA program teaches students skills that they would not have the opportunity to learn in the classroom or outside of FBLA. The program is always keeping up with the ever changing world of business and making sure students are prepared for their future ahead. Just this last year the BAA program made many changes to incorporate the use of technology and social media to keep up with the new technological advancements in the business world.

Your State Officers strongly encourage you to check out the BAAs today!