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by Ashlie Chastain, Blue Mountain Region Vice President

FBLA Week has been celebrated for decades during February, which is Career and Technical Education Month. This year, it will be February 5-11, 2017. Each day has a theme, and you can use the hashtag #FBLAPBLWeek when posting on social media. What follows are suggested themes developed by the national officer team. Incorporate them into your chapter or create totally new ones!

Sunday: Share Your FBLA-PBL Story Day

Share your story on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag . . . #FBLAPBLWeek!

Monday: National Presidents’ Forum and Fight to the Finish

Live Internet broadcast hosted by all three division national presidents. Get to know our FBLA national president, Niel Patel!

Tuesday: Each One Reach One Day

Share your FBLA story with your friends and invite them to your next chapter meeting or even (and here’s a crazy idea) to JOIN your chapter!

Wednesday: Professional Attire Day/Adviser Appreciation Day

Dress in your best business attire AND take the chance to show your adviser how much you appreciate them by buying them their favorite treat!

Thursday: Career Awareness Day

Connect with community or school leaders: introduce local entrepreneurs and elected officials to FBLA! Talk to your principal about the amazing things your chapter is doing and how FBLA has affected you!

Friday: FBLA-PBL Spirit Day

Post a group photo to the national Facebook page: make it even more fun by wearing matching FBLA shirts!

Saturday: OREGON IN SYNC DAY!  Community Service Day (Much like our Pay It Forward Day!)

Choose a community service project to support. Don’t forget to log your hours in the Community Service Award Program and post it on social media! Be sure to submit pictures to our Pay It Forward Day form!

FBLA Week is a chance to show your FBLA spirit around the school. Take the opportunity to be a leader in your school and show initiative by getting your chapter involved! Have fun!