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Five Reasons to Become a State Officer

1. You get an amazing team to work with!

Because your team is made up of newly elected officers just like yourself, how could they not be as awesome as you? Your team is filled with the most passionate members in Oregon FBLA, so you can be sure all of your ideas for Oregon FBLA will be implemented. By the end of the term, you leave with new life-long connections!

2. You get really cool business cards.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what kind of cool Oregon FBLA swag you get for being an officer, because you always see the current officer team handing out or wearing awesome Oregon FBLA items. To connect with members, each state officer gets their own set of business cards that has their name, number, email, and twitter handle on them!Ellie Graham-Pic 1

3. You get to create workshops.

With all of the skills you learn as a state officer, you need somewhere to put them to the test. At the Oregon Leadership Institute, you and your team are responsible for developing a workshop to present to the Oregon FBLA members attending. The experience is great!

4. You’re in on all the behind the scenes actions of conferences.

Ellie Graham-Pic 2Ever wonder what it’s like to be backstage on the State Business Leadership Conference? Well, if you become an officer, you get to see what it’s like! This also means you probably get to meet the keynote speaker.

5. You meet members from all around Oregon.

One of the best parts about being an officer is meeting members. Being a part of the team means you can walk up to members and start a conversation with them without it being weird. As soon as a member sees your name tag or uniform, they instantly want to talk to you!