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Five Ways to Recruit Awesome Members


Hang the poster Oregon FBLA provides your chapter in your school.

On the Oregon FBLA website there are posters specifically designed for your chapter to use. Go to www.oregonfbla.org, Chapter Resources, Design, and then Chapter Logos. Here’s an example of one of the awesome logos:

Ellie-Picture 1

Have your first meeting be a fun event.

Whether it’s bowling, playing board games, or watching movies, your activity will be sure to attract students at your school. Draw students into your event and then explain why they should join FBLA. Keep having these types of events throughout the year to keep members and to even keep recruiting.

Create a presentation to promote FBLA to business classes

A presentation doesn’t always mean a rehearsed speech. You can use a fun video, a Q&A session, or even use candy to keep people’s attention if you don’t think your speaking skills are up to par. By going to business classes, you’re more likely to recruit members who will be active. Before going to classes, get it approved by the teacher!

Use individual invitations

When someone receives an invitation especially for them, they’re more likely to attend the meeting or event. Design a simple invitation to use on Word or Publisher and hand it out to people you think will be interested and tell them they have a “plus one” to bring a friend. You can decide which people to give invitations by talking to counselors, teachers, and your adviser. Here’s an example invitation:

Ellie-Picture 2

Have food!

People always love food, especially high school students. Think to yourself: are you more likely to attend a meeting if there is food or ice cream? Probably. For your first meeting, have food that isn’t usually offered at your school, so you draw people in. After your first meeting, use simpler food like candies or cookies to keep people coming.