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Fundraising by Holiday

The Holiday season is coming up, and with it opportunities to fundraise for your local chapter or a charitable organization!


Gage - Post Date 12-5 - thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, is a cornucopia of fundraising opportunities for your chapter to be thankful for.

  • Charge $1 for students to place a hand turkey on a wall for everyone to see. Each person writes what they are thankful for on the front of their hand.
  • Hold a pie sale or even a pie baking contest
  • Have a 50/50 raffle at a local football game

Gage - Post Date 12-5 - christmas

The snow is on the ground (for some of us), and Christmas is just around the corner!

  • Host an ugly sweater dance.
  • Make small Christmas ornaments to sell or have a station for people to make their own.
  • Sell candy-cane-grams that students can choose to send to their friends, sweetheart, etc., during class.

These are just a few seasonal fundraising ideas to get the gears turning in your chapter to get involved with fundraising in these upcoming months. Happy Holidays and happy fundraising!