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Fundraising Fundamentals

All chapters face the dilemma of what to do for fundraising! Here are some simple planning points to follow to ensure you will have a smashing success in your fundraiser.

How to successfully plan a fundraising event:

• Plan your event 4-6 months in advance

  • Set a date
  • Avoid major school holidays or events

• Organize a team

  • Big teams are not always as productive as smaller teams

• Create a master plan

  • Have it in writing
  • Enforce firm deadlines

• Select a venue

• Recruit guest speakers and entertainment

• Publicity

• Sponsors

• Volunteer management

• Brand your event

  • Tag line
  • Logo

Fundraising ideas:

Rules and regulations are determined by you and your school. Here are some ideas of a large event!

1. Dodgeball Tournament

Charge students a small amount to be on a side. Winning side wins a small prize of your choosing.

2. Lockdown

Students pay an entry fee to spend the whole night in school. No sleep. Lots of food and activities.

3. Male Beauty Pageant

Get male participants for the pageant and students and parents pay an entry fee for the show.

4. Coffee Cart

Sell coffee to students and teachers in the morning before school starts.

5. Auction Off People’s Skills

Accumulate people who are willing to work for someone. Then gather parents, students, and staff to hold an auction.

6. Duct Tape a Teacher to the Wall

Charge students $1 for a piece of duct tape to stick to a teacher.

7. Bake Sale

Make some goodies in your culinary arts classroom, and sell them to students and staff during lunch time.

8. Flamingo Flock

Have members get pre-orders from supporters to have their friends “flamingoed!”

Suggested flamingo pricing:suni- fundraising fundamentals

Small flock (12 flamingos) - $10

Medium flock (24 flamingos) - $15

Large flock (36 flamingos) - $20

Super-size flock (60 flamingos) - $30

Fee to NOT be “flamingoed” - $50

9. Car Bash

Get a car donated and charge students $1 for 3 swings during spring fling or any other school event.

10. Sell Pizza at Lunch

Order pizza and have it delivered, charge students who can’t leave campus during lunch.

For more information or questions, please contact one of your state officers.