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Get Ready for NLC!

Written by Sarah Ali, Mt. Hood Region Vice President

This year's National Leadership Conference will be held in Anaheim, California with over 200 members from Oregon participating. Members will compete in a variety of events ranging from Business Financial Plan to Public Speaking Announcement. Each and every one of these members has put in countless hours in order to advance to this final level of  competition. There will be two stages of  competition. In order to qualify for the second round, competitors must place in the top two during round one. Despite tough competition, members will have an opportunity to gain strong leadership skills and network with members from across the country.

There will be many fun activities held at NLC, including the Institute for leaders (IFL) where members, state officers, and advisers will have a chance to improve their skills by learning from FBLA alumni and top leadership experts. Others entertainment options include Disneyland, Universal Studios and Mid Evil Times.

Competition will be fierce so members will need to give their very best in order to be recognized as best in the nation during the Awards of Excellence Session!