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Goal Setting

Goals are a part of everyday life. You can set short- and long-term goals that set up stepping stones to where you want to be in life. For example, at the end of every year we sit back and reflect on what a good time we had and everything we have accomplished. We sit and ponder the coming year and all the joys it has to offer.

We set a list of goals that we hope can be accomplished within the next 12 months. Some of those goals may be; eat healthier, get straight As, fly to the moon! Whatever your heart desires you can set a goal for it, but did you know that there is a process for that goal? That process is called, working hard to make it happen! In FBLA it’s all about setting goals to better the organization and achieve the impossible!

A lot of goals are set every year, and never put in motion to be accomplished. Wouldn’t it be awesome to say you achieved everything on your New Year’s Resolutions? Make that your goal, and work extra hard to achieve your straight As, healthy eating habits, and extraordinary flight to the moon!