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Having a Successful Fundraiser!

With a tough economy, multiple FBLA conferences, and students who are dying to learn exciting new leadership skills, fundraising is quickly becoming a vital part of what we do! When implementing a fundraiser many chapter members ask the question, “How do I get started?”

When starting a fundraiser, members need to think through key components to make it successful. There are six main objectives to follow when planning your event:

  1. Plan and Purpose – Make sure your fundraiser has a plan and it has a purpose.
  2. Set Goals – Make clear goals that are relevant to your fundraising vision.
  3. Budget – Create a well thought out and realistic list of your expenses.
  4. Leadership – Find ambassadors: people who will advise the event, and ensure others know their duties.
  5. Target an Audience – Format your event to please those who will be in attendance.
  6. Thank Yous– Remember to thank volunteers, participants, and supporting organizations.

Even large organizations start with the fundamentals when planning a fundraiser, and the March of Dimes is no exception. Every year they have numerous March for Babies Walks. These events are walks to raise money in hope of saving pre-mature babies.

When your chapter begins to ask, “How do I get started?” keep these six components in mind, and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic fundraiser!