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How to Cross that Finish Line Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions

When you make that New Year’s Resolution, what do you do? Do you think of the few things you’d like to change about yourself? Do you just try to think of something so you have something to say when someone asks? If so, you are just like me and a lot of other people.

For most people, New Year’s Resolutions are an assessment on your current life and how it can be improved. It’s a quick judgment and a quick solution that hasn’t had much thought put into it. This is precisely why New Year’s Resolutions are known to fail. When you make a goal on the spot like that, it has no motivation. This goal doesn’t have a timeline, milestones, nor the adequate thought put into it to make it motivating. Making a great New Year’s Resolution has five steps.


Do a quick assessment of yourself and what you are currently doing in your life. Then decide what needs the most improvement and set your heart on it. When I say ‘set your heart on it’ I mean to strive for it like it’s a first-place trophy. Think about what you want to accomplish in the next year. This needs to be your motivation. This needs to be your top priority.


Take this “needs improvement” portion of yourself and develop an action plan and a timeline that you can stick to. Action Plans with hard obstacles will never work. This part requires a bit of self-assessment. What are you willing to put into this goal? 10%? 50%? An Action Plan is a step by step guide to what you want to accomplish.

Like I said earlier, you also need to set a timeline. Is your timeline going to take a couple of months, a year, or more? The stricter the timeline, the better your chances of accomplishing your goal will be. When you have timelines in place, you can see where the finish line is. It’s like when you are running and you know how many more laps you have left to run.


Tell someone about your goal. You need someone to keep you accountable. Knowing you have someone counting on you will give you an incentive to keep pressing forward. Even the most successful people need motivation at times.


Develop a reward system for hitting your marks. Make these rewards frequent so that you know that you are improving; even if it is slowly. If your goal is to lose weight, then an occasional dessert is sanctioned. If your goal is to improve your grades, put up every improved grade on your wall so you can visually see what you’ve accomplished. Reward yourself for your hard work.


Finally, cross that finish line and accomplish that goal! Your goal needs a finish line. It can’t go on forever. Once you are finished, you can start on an entirely new goal.

Best wishes for a 2017 full of goals!