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How to Plan a Great FBLA Week

It's that time of year again…time for FBLA week! Wow! A whole week for us to show members and non-members what we are all about! The biggest question is how to plan a great FBLA week.

First you need to identify what days of the week FBLA week will fall on. These days can very depending on your chapter’s preference. Advertising FBLA Week effectively will allow for your week’s activities to be a lot more successful. After all this is a business organization, so advertising is a necessity! Make creative flyers and posters to be put up all around school. Invite your friends and ask them to invite their friends! The more people the better. The information on the flyers should explain what each day of the week is so when someone reads the flyer they can get a general idea of what will be happening during the entire week. Running an announcement during your schools daily announcements would be the perfect way to spread the word! If you are already a very big chapter there will be no problem getting people involved during FBLA week. If you are a small chapter you will have to rely more heavily on advertising. Don't be afraid to tell your friends and share it with people in your class. Try sharing with your classmates what some of the big events for the week will be to grab their attention.

Nobody wants to participate in boring FBLA week activities so you need to make sure you have each day filled with fun yet informative activities. A kick-off party would be very appropriate to have on the first day to set the tone for a fun week. Make sure you have food and drinks for anyone who comes. Having a lot of people come to your chapter’s kick-off party will likely mean more people will participate throughout the week. FBLA week is not just a week to hold chapter events and have a good time, it's a perfect week to recruit new members and show them what FBLA is.

If you are having trouble encouraging people to join, during FBLA week you can make sure you have some handouts ready with some great reasons to join! Take the time to speak with potential members about all the different aspects of FBLA and why they are important. Make mention of the awesome travel opportunities and the great competitive events.

There are so many ways to have a fantastic FBLA week. It's your job to go out and make this year’s FBLA week a great success for your chapter! Good luck!