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Institute For Leaders 2012 Recap: "Always Be Confident!"

This year’s Institute for Leaders (IFL) was run by TRI Leadership Resources, who did a phenomenal job! We had the honor of having Julie Carrier as our keynote speaker. She told us stories about her high school experiences and how she became a trainer for top military leaders at the Pentagon.

It was really cool because she left her job behind to help students across the world. She taught us never to forget our ABCs or to “Always be Confident.”

After that, we had an amazing opportunity to ask questions to a panel of judges coming from multiple business and leadership backgrounds. Questions were sent in by text and answered by all members of the panel unless specified otherwise. The answers were very informative, added a great insight, and kept us entertained! There were questions that ranged from the depth of, “What is the hardest part about being a leader?” to the simplicity of, “Chocolate or vanilla?”

Students also got the opportunity to split into their assigned tracks varying from “Legendary” to “Entrepreneurship.” Each group attended two intriguing workshops, then split into smaller groups to practice teamwork in projects.

The second day we had one more workshop then we split into our teams again. We finished our projects and presented them to our groups. After that, the groups congregated in the general session area. Each group taped their project to the wall, and we got to listen as groups presented their projects to help us learn even more! It was an excellent way to collaborate and bring back ideas to our chapters and states! The entrepreneurship group got a special treat; the groups that had the top three ideas were brought up to the stage to present their ideas to “investors” who chose their favorite invention.

Amy Gallimore then gave her keynote speech on persistence. The speech kept its audience members entertained as she guided us through her life experiences. IFL was such a great experience and we cannot wait to see more of your faces next year!

[caption id="attachment_74" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="FBLA members receive valuable insight at the 2012 Institute for Leaders!"][/caption]