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Invite a State Officer to Your Chapter

Does your chapter need fundraising ideas? Do you know what BAA’s are? Does your chapter need more information on events, conferences, or programs? A visit from a state officer to your chapter is a great way to learn more about any of these. Each visit is tailored to your chapter needs, and you are also able to learn more about upcoming events, keynote speakers, special activities, and special guests! A chapter visit could be used as a recruitment tool, and it will help your chapter get to know the State Officers better.

Every chapter is different and every chapter has different needs. Chapter visits are the perfect opportunity for your chapter to get the help that you need. Let’s say you need help with forming local partnerships, the State Officer conducting the visit will be able to create a presentation specifically for that and even be able to offer outreach ideas to local businesses in the area.

As you can see, there are many benefits of having a chapter visit from getting tailored made material to learning about new events. You also get the opportunity to interact with the State Officer Team. Start planning your visit by emailing the officer you would like to visit today! You can contact your state officers here.