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Join the Institute for Leaders

Written by Sarah Ali, Mt. Hood Region Vice President


Each year, the National Leadership Conference provides a program for FBLA members called the Institute for Leaders (IFL). This program provides members and advisers from all over the nation the ability to network with one and other. IFL is a two-day seminar with intensive training that teaches members valuable leadership lessons.


EXCELLENCE for Chapter Officers: Chapters officers will gain strong leadership skills that can enhance their leadership qualities. Chapter officers learn how to build an effective high performance chapter at their school

ADVANCE for State Officers: State officers will gain valuable lessons that can help them gain new dimensions, and ideas for their state. Officers will also get the opportunity to network with other state officers in the nation, and set goals for the year.

LAUNCH for Future Entrepreneurs: Members will  learn how make a business plan, and learn how to launch a company, and will gain this knowledge from a Shark Tank winner. FBLA members will learn about the different FBLA Stock Exchange competitions that are available.

INNOVATE for Business Leaders: FBLA members will gain strategic skills to become a strong business leader. Members will learn on how to implement the skills they gain in this session to help them outside of FBLA and ultimately in their careers.

LEGACY for Adviser Leadership: FBLA’s 75 years of excellence comes from our awesome advisers. Discover ways to build on this legacy and advance career and college readiness through FBLA. Gain teaching tools and chapter management techniques; leverage FBLA competition and programs enhance curriculum; and exchange best practices with the best teachers in America!


To register, visit the National FBLA IFL webpage for more information.