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Look Like, Act Like, and Become a State Officer!

You may have wondered to yourself what it takes to look like an Oregon FBLA State Officer, how it feels to act like an officer, or what it is like to become a State Officer. Well here’s a secret for you! Being an Oregon FBLA State Officer doesn’t require you to give up your life of normalcy, shop for the most expensive dress clothes, and it certainly doesn’t require any abnormal superpowers. The experience does expect that you give your best effort and be willing to learn new things while having fun along the way. Anyone looking to optimize their leadership skills should look no further, because becoming a State Officer is the answer!

Many who are interested in becoming a State Officer can’t help but wonder what’s in it for them. The immediate answer people turn to falls along the lines of building your resume, helping you get scholarships, and accepted into the most prestigious colleges. All of this is true, and a huge benefit to having a position on the State Officer Team, but it is much more than that. Throughout the experience you serve the 2,000 members of Oregon FBLA in hopes of making the year better than ever. In addition, you receive front row seats to all of the greatest events that Oregon FBLA has to offer. These range from the Chapter Leadership Tour (CLT) in October all the way to the State Business Leadership Conference (SBLC) in April. Also, you have great opportunities to unlock your leadership potential while working with some of the best future business leaders in the state! Oregon FBLA State Officers grow individually, as a team, and as a fantastic group of friends. The memories you make last a lifetime, and there are many opportunities to create these experiences.

Now you may be curious about what it takes to become an Oregon FBLA State Officer. Many of us would describe the requirements as having an open mind, positive attitude, and a willingness to grow in a variety of different skill sets. There are a few steps to take in order to attain a position as a State Officer. You will find that these require preparation and planning to fulfill. Completing the application and local interview will get you on the right track before the State Business Leadership Conference. At the SBLC, you will deliver your campaign speech and participate in a short question and answer session in front of FBLA members and voting delegates. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to run a campaign booth. This is where you will meet some of the most exciting members of Oregon FBLA and make many friends while you plead your case for why they should elect you as a State Officer.

In conclusion, looking and acting like an Oregon FBLA State Officer doesn’t require any superpowers. It only requires your best effort to reveal the greatest superpower of all, the leadership potential hidden within you! Being a State Officer is such a rewarding experience that I encourage any ambitious FBLA member to pursue. Please contact any member of your Oregon FBLA State Officer Team for more information about this opportunity.