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March to the Top

Over the past forty years, FBLA has raised over fifteen million dollars for pre-mature babies. They have ranked as the top organization for the March of Dimes as a fundraising partner. As they continue on their goal to raise more and more each year, the Oregon FBLA State Officers work to adapt to the economic challenges in order to make the March of Dimes as much money as possible! This year, the officer team came up with a new innovative idea to aid in fundraising.

At the beginning of the FBLA year, the new State Officers came up with the idea of March to the Top.  March to the Top was created with the concept of community service in mind while adding a friendly competition between the Oregon regions. This is a competition between regions to raise the most money for March of Dimes. Regions will work to raise money through the FBLA year, and the winning region will be awarded at the State Business Leadership Conference (SBLC)!

The ending date for fundraising is each respective region’s Regional Skills Conference (RSC). At each RSC, there will be one last chance for students to fundraise. These fundraising activities can range from mini walks, to miracle minutes, to dime drives.  If you have creative ideas, let any of the state officers know. These ideas could easily become a reality!

If you have any questions or need help putting your ideas into action, contact any of the state officers. Their information can be found on the Oregon FBLA website. Be looking for those great ideas to get involved and help your region March to the Top!