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Membership Recruitment

by Maudey Vore - Cascade Region Vice President - [email protected]

Recruitment for FBLA is important because it makes keeping the organization possible. Without new members FBLA would not be what it is today. As State Officers, we are very focused on membership recruitment. We make achievable goals on how many members we want to recruit within the next year, but how do we achieve this?

I started within my own school. Freshmen meetings and orientations at the beginning of the year are probably one of the most successful recruitment strategies I’ve used myself. These meetings give chapter officers the opportunity to introduce things like our new FBLA brand, and also influencing the new slogan, “Step Up to the Challenge.”

Something fun you can do to keep members involved with FBLA is an FBLA Overnight Lockdown. It’s a great way to implement the ideas and goals of FBLA through workshops in a fun and relaxed environment!

At the end of the year an 8th grade meeting can inform the upcoming freshman class of FBLA and everything it has to offer. Not only will the 8th grade meeting help increase membership but will also help the soon-to-be-high school students to find their way and get involved early!

These are some simple and easy ways that you can recruit members within your school! I hope this helps!