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Need-To-Know Info About Running For State Office!

It’s the time of the year when FBLA members have the chance to apply for a State Officer position. This opportunity gives you the experience of becoming a future business leader and opens your gateway to greatness. As an FBLA member, you can attend OLI, CLT, or the State Business Leadership Conference, but by running for an office you give yourself the opportunity to be an even bigger part of this great organization. You might have some questions, such as, “What am I really getting myself into?”  Well, that’s easy.  You’re getting involved and learning leadership skills you wouldn’t learn anywhere else.

Other common questions include:  “What is the time commitment?” or “Can I keep or have a part-time job?”  The time commitment is one year – from April 2012 to April of 2013. Throughout the year you will be given different types of projects both individually and as a team. The projects can be things like writing a blog, presenting a workshop, or organizing your Regional Skills Conference.  Being a State Officer does take quite a bit of time, but you are able to have a job - in fact, many officers have had one before! The key is to make sure that serving Oregon FBLA is always a top priority.

At the beginning of your term, you will be working with other officers from across Oregon who enjoy FBLA as much as you do. Each group of officers is different, so you never really know who you will end up with, but it will be awesome because you meet all types of people and get to learn to work with different leadership styles.

As an officer, you will attend mandatory planning meetings in Portland, including the May Orientation Meeting, the August Planning Meeting, the December Planning Meeting, and the Pre-SBLC Planning Meeting in March. You also have the opportunity to attend the CLT (Chapter Leadership Tour), OLI (Oregon Leadership Institute), and SBLC (State Business Leadership Conference). No State Officer other than the Executive Vice President is required to attend the National Leadership Conference, although many choose to do so at their own expense.

You’re probably also wondering how much money it costs to be a State Officer. After running a successful campaign, many of the costs of purchasing a professional uniform and attending events are provided by the organization, though a few additional expenses will pop up through the year.  However, almost anyone will have the financial ability to be a terrific State Officer!

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have about running for a state office, and hope to see your name on the ballot this April!