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OLI: What to Look Forward To!

The Oregon Institute for Leaders (OLI) is almost here, so get ready for an incredible time in Sunriver, Oregon. Hang out with Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) members from across Oregon

and learn from amazing guest speakers and workshops! That’s right: Oregon FBLA won’t be the only CTSO in attendance at OLI! Our friends from FCCLA, DECA, HOSA, and SkillsUSA will also be there.

This two-day event, starting on November 10th, will feature workshops from business professionals and your State Officer team ranging from building your leadership skills to getting more involved at the local, state and national levels! And what is OLI without a keynote speaker? This year we get the privilege of having Kent Julian, who will be challenging attendees to “show up and shine” for the 2013 OLI!

Have you ever wondered which utensil is for your salad and which one is for your dessert? Well, near the end of the first day, an etiquette dinner will be held at 6:30. Here, attendees will learn proper etiquette while being served a delicious meal and chatting with fellow CTSO members. So get ready to learn how to eat with class and show off your new skills!

While attending edifying workshops, listening to an incredible keynote speaker, and learning how to eat with etiquette savvy, there are constant opportunities to network. There won’t only be FBLA members in attendance at OLI, members of four other CTSOs will be there too! Meeting other people is one of the great benefits of OLI, so look forward to networking with tons of other members.

The State Officers cannot wait to see everyone at this year’s OLI. With all of these reasons to get excited about OLI, how can we wait until November 10th?