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Oregon Affiliation Process Update

Included here is a detailed collection of information about what is happening with membership for Oregon FBLA. Thank you again to several of you who have shared feedback on the transitions thus far, as this impacted the current transition.

We encourage you to fully review the Oregon Affiliation Process Update document, as it provides great detail. Here’s the cliff notes version:

· There are now two methods to affiliate members in Oregon FBLA: Classic FBLA Membership (traditional $15 individual dues) or the FBLA School Site License Affiliation model (discounted packaged levels).

· “Program Based Affiliation” is now called “FBLA School Site License Affiliation”

· The FBLA adviser and/or chapter officer/members select the most appropriate package for their school’s unique environment and phase of growth.

· 100% enrollment of your CTE/Business Education Program is not required of either model to affiliate in FBLA (it is encouraged however!)

· Advisers do not need to seek approval from Oregon FBLA when choosing either membership affiliation model.

· Advisers do need to notify Oregon FBLA which model they are selecting. The default is “FBLA School Site License”. If a chapter is opting for Classic FBLA Membership the online system needs to be set for your chapter on the backend.

· The primary benefit of the FBLA School Site License model is incentive-based discounts ranging from 15-23% and the benefit of being able to more easily qualify for a broader range of financial support for FBLA.

All program benefits outlined in the FBLA Chapter Success Guide are exactly the same and available for either affiliation option selected. No penalties, additional fees, or verification will be required for chapters selecting the Classic FBLA Membership option.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mike Oechsner at [email protected] if you have questions!