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Oregon CTE Grant Dollars


There are two CTE grants with the potential to support CTSOs in Oregon: CTE Revitalization Grant and CTSO Chapter Grants.

CTE Revitalization Grant.  This competitive grant is designed to make a major improvement to CTE at the school, district, or regional level.  These are major grant requests by schools that take a considerable amount of time to prepare. The law stipulates that $1 million of the CTE Revitalization fund be awarded to proposals that have a CTSO component.  Information about application timeline, process, etc. for this grant are available from the Oregon Department of Education by following this link: www.ode.state.or.us/go/ctegrant.  The RFP for this grant was released in late August 2013, with an anticipated proposal due date of October 24, 2013.

CTSO Chapter Grants.  These grants are designed to support local CTSO expansion, advancement, and program quality. There is $190,000 available this year to distribute to Oregon CTSOs, and the funds can be used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from advisor stipends to marketing materials to transportation to uniforms to competitive event resources.  These grants will be administered by the Oregon CTE Student Leadership Foundation.  The RFP is currently under development and will be released by November 1, 2013.  The deadline for proposals will be November 29, 2013.


CTE Revitalization Grant.  We encourage you to contact your School/District/Regional CTE coordinator to see if your District has already submitted a notice of intent to apply for this grant.  If this has been done, inquire if your CTSO has been included in the request for funds, since there is money specifically set aside for CTSOs as part of the CTE Revitalization Grant. This larger CTE grant is a great opportunity to ensure your CTSO chapter receives funding to support the broader goals of the CTE Revitalization effort your school/district is making—make sure you are included!

CTSO Chapter Grants.  The Oregon CTE Student Leadership Foundation Board of Directors met on Friday, September 20, 2013 to develop the guidelines, ideas for the application, and possible criteria for the review process for the Oregon CTSO Chapter Grants program.

The Board is currently completing the application materials and process for CTSO chapters to apply.  Application materials will be available by November 1 with a deadline of November 29 for all applications. The Board will schedule time to review all applications in December, with awards being made at the first of the year, 2014.

Application information and forms will be available from each CTSOs website by November 1.  We encourage you to take the next month to visit with your administration, fellow CTSO teachers, and CTSO members to consider how your chapter could use additional funding to advance your program.

For more information regarding the CTSO Chapter Grants program, please contact [email protected], or your State Director/Advisor, or your State Chair/ODE liaison.