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Pay It Forward

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How Pay It Forward Works

Three steps to making a difference . . .

  1. First, replicate an act of kindness that someone has done for you.
  2. Second, take that act and serve three people.
  3. Third, inform those three people about the concept of Pay It Forward, so they can each Pay it Forward to three more people.

If this cycle of service continues, that one single act of kindness can impact thousands. When we continue to pass on acts of kindness, we not only impact the people around us, but the world around us.

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Pay It Forward Day

On Thursday, October 20, we will be celebrating a statewide Pay It Forward Day. Chapters from across the state will be interacting with the public and making a difference in their community. Because we want each chapter to individually see a need in their community and actively pursue a change, we encourage each chapter to come up with unique and creative ways to Pay It Forward. The opportunities are endless. So join in on the fun, and experience the importance of service and kindness this October!

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Tell Us How YOU Paid It Forward

Follow the link below to complete our form to tell us how you Paid It Forward! Sending your input and reflections to us will help us improve and scale how the Pay It Forward Campaign is progressing. Feel free to attach photos as well.

Pay It Forward Report Form

Need Ideas?

If you need a bit of inspiration, click on the links below for great ideas on how to Pay It Forward. The opportunities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started . . .


An ebook created by the organization, Think.Kindness:




What does Pay It Forward do for FBLA members?

Pay It Forward. It’s three simple words that can inspire so much. When a person experiences what it feels like to impact another person’s life, they will become inspired to continue to serve others. Service is a key component in developing a person's character, and it is what changes the world around us.

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