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Service In Sync Goes National!

Greetings Oregon FBLA!

This FBLA-PBL week our organization has a special opportunity to collectively come together to serve others in a nationally synchronized service project. This project is called Service In Sync and our innovative efforts will shed light on a important issue—Elementary Education Literacy.

On Thursday, February 9th of FBLA-PBL week your State Officer Team is asking Local Chapters to join them in reading to elementary students in their local school districts. This is an easy way for our FBLA chapters all over the nation to come together and benefit the local communities that support our organization on all levels. After you have completed your role in our synchronized service effort,Service In Sync, your State Officer Team asks that you complete the brief online form to let us know about your experience. The form can be found at:


Your State Officer Team is excited to participate in this event and we are excited for you to join us in reading to elementary students all across the country. Even your National President will be reading his personal favorite, Hop on Pop, to first graders in the Union School District in Oregon! So schedule a time for your local chapter to read to local elementary students on Thursday, February 9thand be looking for more updates to come!