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Show Your Oregon Pride with #myOregon

5 reasons you should participate in the #myOregon photo campaign, and how to do it.

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Oregon FBLA members and advisers from the Idaho border to the coast have the opportunity to capture the beauty of their region, and share it with their whole state! Top photos will be featured at SBLC and on the Oregon FBLA website. Here’s why you should be among the participants:

1. 1,500+ people will see your talent

If you feel like your talent as a photographer is under recognized, having your photo revealed at the State Business Leadership Conference in front of several hundred of your peers is the perfect way to change that. In addition, you’ll receive countless views from visitors on the oregonfbla.org homepage.

2. To show everyone how pretty your side of town can be.

Oregon has so many diverse landscapes, from areas with heavy forests to windy beaches, mountains, rivers, and even desert lands. Each varied landscape blends together to form the great state of Oregon. By sharing our differences, we can bond over our state’s uniqueness.

3. Bring regional pride to other members from your area

When someone sees your amazing picture on screen and they recognize the familiar scenery, they’re going to be excited. When you show off your area, it’s rewarding for all of its inhabitants who are gaining recognition.

4. To be involved in FBLA in as many ways as possible

Everyone notices the chapters that get awarded and recognized repeatedly at state. If you want your chapter to be that chapter, you need to take every opportunity FBLA has to offer. Go beyond your regular events and participate in the Video Challenge or the #myOregon campaign, because those who go beyond are the ones who get the glory. If you're an adviser, this is one of the many ways you can boost your chapter’s winning streak as well!

5. Because it’s the easiest way to be involved in FBLA

You may already have several pictures sitting on your phone waiting to be shared with the world; and even if you don’t, everything outside your doors is a photo opportunity. If while taking a hike or a bike ride something catches your eye, you can pause and within seconds you will have captured an entry into the contest.

If you’d like to enter your photo, please fill out the short submission form available at http://www.oregonfbla.org/myfbla/myOregon.php. Please submit landscape orientation photos only.

Photo: myOregon photo campaign flyer: http://www.oregonfbla.org/_uploads/myOregon%20Photo%20Campaign%20Flyer.pdf