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So You’ve Applied For State Office, Now What?

The March 1st deadline has passed and your application has been submitted, and now you are anxiously awaiting State Conference to launch your campaign for state office. You are in for an incredible ride! Being a State Officer is amazing!  Every State Officer you would ever talk to would say the same thing, “It was a fantastic experience”.  There is no other opportunity out there quite like this one.  State Officer training is the best. From developing effective and strong speaking skills to gaining so much confidence in just a short amount of time.

As you have probably heard by many people high school goes by so fast and State Office is the same way.  You start State Office in May and then it ends in April.  This is almost a year and it feels like a month!  There are so many State Officers that wish they had a few months extra to complete all of their goals that they set the prior year.  Even though you may feel that way in the end you look back and realize how much you were able to accomplish and say to yourself “I cannot believe we did all of this”.

I wish everyone could run for State Office, but only a few people do.  It is a phenomenal learning experience! Even if you are not running for state office this year, make sure to visit campaign booths and be a part of the voting process. SBLC is just around the corner; get ready for a great conference!