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Sponsorships, Fundraising and SBLC

It is the time of year to begin thinking about the State Business Leadership Conference (SBLC)! While the excitement builds so do student account balances, but do not let the cost of SBLC be the reason you do not attend. There are many great fundraising opportunities available to future business leaders. The best part of being a member of FBLA is planning chapter wide fundraising events. Call your local grocery store, get your chapter together and bag groceries for tips. Hold a bake sale, bingo night, or even a coin drive at the entrance of your school. These are all great ideas that will definitely bring your chapter together while raising funds.

Writing sponsorship requests to local businesses can be the best way to garner support for your chapter’s fundraising needs. Many small business owners love the idea of helping students learn about business and are more than happy to sponsor a student. Write a letter outlining how much you are requesting and what the money will be used for. This is a perfect way to raise money for SBLC.