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State Officer Program of Work

Written by Kambi Briggs, Vice President of Media

The Oregon FBLA State Officers have been putting in their full effort to develop the 2017-2018 Program of Work. This includes brainstorming amazing ideas for their term in office, such as increasing social media communications and strengthening FBLA members' involvement - then detailing how to accomplish each goal. 

The top goals include: 

  1. Increase the presence of the Middle Level throughout Oregon FBLA. 
  2. Improve awareness and education of competitive events offered through FBLA. 
  3. Improve communication and increase networking opportunities throughout individual regions within the state. 
  4. Increase statewide Business Achievement Award (BAA) completion by 10%. 
  5. Increase membership by 7.5% through a new membership campaign designed for immediate success, as well as longevity. 
  6. Increase community service involvement throughout Oregon FBLA.

To learn more about each goal, download the 2017-2018 Oregon FBLA State Officer Program of Work.