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Thankful Thoughts

The holiday season is not only the perfect time to indulge in your most favorite foods, but it is also an important time to look back, reflect, and thank those who have helped you. Showing appreciation and giving thanks is important for those who have helped you along the way because there are countless people that contribute to the success of one individual. These individuals could be our teachers, advisers, FBLA members, friends, family, or anyone else. Showing appreciation is important in order to ensure that those who help you succeed are recognized for all they do. If someone helps you with a task, remember they are investing their time by assisting you, and a simple thank you will help in showing your appreciation.

As part of Oregon FBLA’s monthly social media campaign, the association has been tweeting out notes of appreciation from the state officers for what they are thankful for in FBLA. Anyone can participate in this project by simply including the hashtag #ThankYouFBLA in a tweet.

How can members show their appreciation in FBLA? A hand written ‘thank you’ note to your FBLA adviser this Thanksgiving season will show them you recognize the significance of their help. FBLA advisers are influential in the success of members and chapters. They spend a lot of their time facilitating meetings, organizing events, and helping with competitive events, and for this they deserve to be recognized. No matter how you decide to thank someone, make sure they know you appreciate their dedication.