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The Gateway to Great Communication

Oregon FBLA participates in public relations in many different ways. Some of those ways include a newsletter, blog posts, Facebook post, Twitter posts, and the Oregon FBLA website. Oregon FBLA uses these facets to network with all of the Oregon FBLA members and to present useful information about upcoming events, conferences, and chapter aid.

Like any successful organization, Oregon FBLA has a communication plan to keep everyone informed, and the State Newsletter is a major part of that plan. This year Oregon FBLA has transitioned from sending out four newsletters throughout the year to posting more frequently to an Oregon FBLA blog in its place. This year the State Officer team made their last welcome back newsletter for the members of Oregon FBLA. The State Officers have all been writing blog articles to post online. The articles cover many topics, from Member Spotlights, to Conference Recaps, and College Tips. The link to the blog is also posted on the website: www.oregonfbla.org and the Oregon FBLA Facebook and Twitter pages.

Oregon FBLA utilizes a website as another tool to gain access all members and advisers. The newly updated website has many different sections so the information can be easily accessed. Some of the information that can be found is the latest news on upcoming events, conferences, the Oregon FBLA blog, Facebook, and Twitter links, the State Chapter Annual Business Report, and ways to connect with the State Officer Team. The website is updated regularly so that the members and advisers can always have the most current information at their fingertips. The website can be found at the URL: www.oregonfbla.org.

Most frequently, Oregon FBLA has been reaching out to our members through the use of social media. The Oregon FBLA Facebook and Twitter pages have been the easiest ways to reach out to the Oregon FBLA members. Our Facebook and Twitter pages have constantly been updated to share information about upcoming events, resources, fun facts, and inspirational quotes. With the use of social media, Oregon FBLA is better able to contact and share information with all of our members across the state of Oregon.

So go out and grab a copy of our last newsletter, read our blog posts, visit the Oregon FBLA website, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. By doing these things. you will be able to take the next step through the Gateway to Greatness and stay informed about our wonderful organization.