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The March of Dimes

Written by Nicholas Williams, Northwest Territory Region Vice President

The March of Dimes is a phrase used so often within the realm of FBLA that it’s almost a buzzword, yet many members don’t fully understand what the organization - or the name - really stands for or aims to achieve.

FBLA has partnered with March of Dimes every year for half a century, because, like FBLA, the March of Dimes seeks to build a better tomorrow. The organization tries to attain this goal through fundraising  efforts to support research for preventing premature births, infant mortality, and birth defects. 

Premature birth is the number one cause of death for infants, and 380,000 babies will be born prematurely. This is a tragedy, one that has been plaguing mothers since the dawn of civilization. Premature birth and other complications cause profound emotional agony for those connected to the infant, and renders them helpless at the mercy of fate. The matter of hereditary sexually transmitted diseases and inadequate maternity care are also terrible sources of stress for families. These unfortunate aspects of life are made all the more tragic by the fact that despite medical advances, babies continue to be born early, and mothers and infants still die during birth.

All of this sounds depressing... and rightly so, but things are not hopeless! You can make a difference by taking part in the March for Babies, volunteering at FBLA Pick-a-Pumpkin events or by trying to gain awareness for the cause. You don’t need to be an obstetrician or a scientist to make an impact. 

Pick-A-Pumpkin is an ongoing event active in the fall and early winter that involves staffing booths at school or going door-to-door in your neighborhood selling paper pumpkins, which people can give an arbitrary amount of money for to sign their name on it. These pumpkins will be taken to a wall or some other area within your school and tacked up until the event has ended. Your school doesn’t do this? You can easily bring it to your school. Contact a state officer for more information.

This year,  March of Dimes participation will be one of the three pillars of the Super Service Award, which is a new concept created by this year’s officer team, and can be gained through being active in Pay It Forward, the March of Dimes and Valiant Seed. Make a stand. Go forth and help FBLA and March of Dimes eradicate this issue and make premature birth a dusty page in the history books!